Transferring files using S Beam

Want to transfer information to other phones using S Beam? It's easy, but you need to turn on S Beam before you can use this function.

1. Select option
Tap Apps.
Choose one of the following options:
Transfer contact, go to 1a.
Transfer picture or video clip, go to 1b.
Transfer audio file, go to 1c.
2. 1a - Transfer contact
Tap Contacts.
Tap the Contacts tab.
Tap the required contact.
3. 1b - Transfer picture or video clip
Tap Gallery.
Go to the required folder.
Tap the required picture or the required video clip.
4. 1c - Transfer audio file
Tap Music player.
Tap the required category at the top of the display.
Go to the required audio file.
Tap the required audio file.
5. Transfer files using S Beam
Hold your mobile phone and the receiving mobile phone back to back.
When Touch to beam is displayed, tap anywhere on the display to start the transfer.
Follow the instructions on the display to finish the transfer.
6. Exit
Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.
Galaxy S III