Backing up the tablet memory

If you want to update the software on your tablet, it's recommended you back up the tablet memory.

1. Choose option
Choose one of the following options:
Back up the memory using iTunes go to 1a.
Back up the memory using iCloud, go to 1b.
2. 1a - Back up the memory using iTunes
Go to on your computer.
Find the download section on the website to download iTunes.
Download and install iTunes on your computer.
Start the program iTunes on your computer.
Connect the data cable to the phone tablet socket and to your computer's USB port.
Depending on your settings in iTunes, backup may start automatically.
To start backup manually:
Click iPad.
Click iCloud or This computer.
Click Back Up Now.
3. 1b - Back up the memory using iCloud
Tap Settings.
Tap iCloud.
Log on to iCloud if you're asked to do so.
Tap Storage & Backup.
Tap the indicator next to "iCloud Backup" until the function is turned on.
Tap OK.
Tap Back Up Now.
Remember, you need to activate your Apple ID.
To continuously synchronise the contents of your tablet with iCloud, tap the indicator next to the required data type to turn on synchronisation.
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